The Container liner is a Bulk bag of the size of a standard 20 feet, 30 feet or 40 feet ISO container. The FIBC lines the inside of the Metal container walls and hence the packed material is safer than in any bag or Bulk Bags (FIBC) (Bulk Bags (FIBC)/ PP woven bags). The walls of the container support the weight of the material packed and therefore there are no chances of material damage or loss.<br>The Bulk Bags (FIBC) acts as a border between the metal container and the product to be transported, the product remains safe from the contamination of the metal container(if any).Dry bulk container liners shielding the bulk cargo from moisture, contamination and ensuring safety and hygienic transport method.<br>The method of discharging of the material may vary upon the availability of discharging facility like crane/hoist, ramp, etc. It becomes very convenient to unload the bag and the material can directly be transported to destination.


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