UN Bulk bags are a special type of Bulk Bags (FIBC)s that are used for transportation of dangerous/hazardous materials. The UN Bulk bags are designed and tested in accordance with the recommendations laid down in the “United Nations Recommendation on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Orange Book)”. Various tests that are decided by the UN include Top lift test, Drop test, Righting test, Tear test and Stacking test.<br>This design is available with all sewing pattern, inlet/outlet design and various closure options..


Outlet Options:

UN BAG Outlet Options

Inlet Options:

UN BAG Inlet Options

Liner Options:

UN BAG Liner Options

Customization options:

  • Coating – Yes
  • Dust proof – Yes
  • Liner – Yes
  • Printed – Yes
  • Coloured – Yes

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