These bags are also termed as Conductive type C Bulk bags, these bags are produced from fabric which is non-conductive in nature but has conductive threads which are interwoven. These are special Bulk bags which when the bag is earthed, allow static electricity to pass through it.<br>TFast filling and discharge of an Bulk Bags (FIBC) by a powdered material generates static electricity which accumulates inside the bag. Further, to avert the dangers of explosion due to such accumulation of static charge, conductive properties are introduced in the Bulk bag; therefore the bag is earthed to allow safe discharge of electrical charge.<br>Type C Bulk bags are constructed using wall fabric that has a resistance to earth from any location on the Bulk Bags (FIBC) of less than 108W. The Bulk Bags (FIBC)s, provided they are grounded during use, are suitable to use in the presence of any potentially flammable atmospheres with either dust or gas vapour.<br>These designs are available with all sewing pattern, inlet/outlet design and various closure options.


Outlet Options:

TYPE C BAG Outlet Options

Inlet Options:

TYPE C BAG Inlet Options

Customization options:

  • Coating – Yes
  • Dust proof – Yes
  • Liner – Yes
  • Printed – Yes
  • Coloured – Yes

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